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1)"Research on the Theoretical Framework and its application technology of Digital Geometry Processing"(2004-2007)-Supported by NSF of China

2)"Research on Information Security, Transmission and Reliability" (01/ 1998-08/2003)-Supported by the National 973 Project

3)"Theory of Wavelet and its Application for Image Process" (01/1997 – 12/ 2000)- Supported by NSF of China

4)Other projects, including National Key Projects, projects from the state sponsored PhD Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation projects and collaborative projects sponsored under a number of Government Ministries and Committees.


1)The National Key Basic Research Development Project ( 973 Project )

2)National " Shi Wu" High-tech Project ( 863 Project )

3)National Natural Science Foundation Project

4)National Natural Science Foundation (Joint-applied with Pattern Recognition Laboratory, Automatic Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences )

5)"Modern Long-range Education Project", Special State Revenue from Ministry of Education

6)Beijing Natural Science Foundation (Joint-applied with Pattern Recognition Laboratory, Automatic Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences )

7)The Subsidy Project of Peking University


1) 973 task: "Content Oriented Massive Information Integration, analysis processing and service", 3 million

2) 863 program: "Networked Massive Spatial Information-Oriented Large GIS ", 3 million

3) Beijing Scientific Foundation Project: "Research on Theory and Technology of Beijing Spatial Data Infrastructure Establishments", 400,000yuan

4) International Cooperative Project: "Community Hospital Information Integration System", 2.267million.

5) 985 program: "Base of research and experiment on key technology of infrastructure on national spatial information", 1.5million

6) 985 project: " Base of research and experiment on technology of Digital Library", 3 million

7) Peking University-IBM Creative Research Cooperative Program:" Web Information Integration and Data Mining ", 330,000yuan

8) Center for Information Science of Peking University-TianZhiHua Data Warehouse united Lab Cooperative Program: "Development of Data Warehouse ETL Tool ", 400,000yuan

9) Landscape Orientation Cooperative Program: "Middleware based on Spatial Sharing Server, 200,000yuan




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