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Liwei Wang


Department of Machine Intelligence,

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Sciences,

Peking University

Email: wanglw at pku.edu.cn; wanglw at cis.pku.edu.cn

My main research interest is machine learning. I study learning theory, providing insights for the strength and weakness of existing learning algorithms and thus help to guide the development of new algorithms. I am also interested in differential privacy, especially in design learning algorithms with privacy guarantees. On the application side, I develop algorithms and systems for medical diagnosis based on machine learning methods.


  • Our paper: "Dropout Training, Data-dependent Regularization, and Generalization Bounds" by Wenlong Mou, Yuchen Zhou, Jun Gao, Liwei Wang has been accepted by ICML 2018!
  • Our paper: "Towards Binary-Valued Gates for Robust LSTM Training" by Di He, Zhuohan Li, Fei Tian, Wei Chen, Tao Qin, Liwei Wang, Tieyan Liu has been accepted by ICML 2018!
  • Our paper: "Generalization Bounds of SGLD for Non-convex Learning: Two Theoretical Viewpoints" by Wenlong Mou, Liwei Wang, Xiyu Zhai, Kai Zheng has been accepted by COLT 2018!
  • Our team has achieved the 1st place in TianChi AI Competition for Healthcare (Season 1)!
  • Our paper: "The Expressive Power of Neural Networks: A View from the Width" by Zhou Lu, Hongming Pu, Feicheng Wang, Zhiqiang Hu, Liwei Wang has been accepted by NIPS 2017!
  • Our paper: "Decoding with Value Networks for Neural Machine Translation" by Di He, Hanqing Lu, Yingce Xia, Tao Qin, Liwei Wang, Tieyan Liu has been accepted by NIPS 2017!


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