Web Object Saliency Database


Database Description

Here we introduce an object saliency database. This dataset has three charactors: (1) The images are from real searching queries. We collected these images from Bing's image search engine, and all the thumbnail images are around 130x130. (2) It is a large dataset including around 200k images, which are separated into three sets. 1. A large set including image collected from 719 queries, 2. a lighter set including 47 queries; 3. a test set with 3 quries for a preview of the dataset (See the downloads). (3) We not only consider the object images containing a salient object, but also the background images contaning no salient object from queries such as "desert", "ocean" and "forest" for better analysis the attributes of objects.


This dataset is released in conjunction to the paper:

Peng Wang, Jingdong Wang, Gang Zeng, Jie Feng, Hongbin Zha, Shipeng Li: Salient object detection for searched web images via global saliency. CVPR 2012: 3194-3201

Example Labeled Images

Example1 Example1




1: Web Image Set A (719 Queries, 1.06GB)
Images, Labels
2: Web Image Set B (47 Quries, 187MB)
Images, Labels
3: Web Image Set Test Queries (3 Quries)
Images, Labels


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