2010 International Symposium on Machine Perception and Cognition will be held at Peking University between August 3rd and 5th in 2010. The symposium will be mainly composed of invited lectures delivered by scientists who have made distinguished contributions to the field, together with some poster sessions from the attendees.

The objective of the symposium is twofold. First, it will facilitate the dissemination of new advances in machine perception and cognition. The symposium will be open to all research organizations in China, and we expect that more than 300 researchers and graduate students will participate in the event. Second, it will have a great impact on enhancing the cross-disciplinary research on machine perception and cognition. We believe that the lectures will provide deep insights for new research directions in cognitive sciences, along which researchers will advance their work in pursuing new breakthroughs in this active and exciting field.

We welcome researchers and graduates in the related fields to participate in this symposium. For more information, please contact us.