Research Directions:

To meet the needs of the national intelligence science development , our center has carried out research mainly in the following directions:

(1) Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (2) Computer Audition, Speech Processing and Speaker Recognition (3) Psychological and Physiological Foundation of Vision and Audition, and Neutral Network Computational Model (4) Intelligent Information System and Knowledge Engineering.

Research Features:

Gave full play to the interdisciplinary comprehensive advantages, paid special attention to the novel mathematic problems from visual and auditory information processing, fatherly developed mathematics method for information processing, and obtained a great number of original important achievements.

Applied Research:

(1) Automatic Fingerprint Identification System, with its every performance indices in the leading position of the world, has been applied widely in the fields of public security, finance, insurance, cultural relic management, and gained remarkable social and economic benefits.

(2) A Composite Neural Network Model and its corresponding Speaker Recognition System, which completely reflect the fundamental characteristic of auditory channel and cortex. Due to its significant discoveries made both in psychological and physiological research of speaker recognition, this work has been awarded "Leading Neural Network Prize" by the International Neural Network Academy in the World Nerve Network Conference in 1994 and 1995.

In the field of intelligent information system and multimedia information system, we've researched and developed a Database Management System with independent intellectual property right, which has applied well in industry. Besides, we designed the first generation intelligence system CASE platform Flex Control, consisted of four parts: construct design, online simulation, hardware joint-adjustment, and fast systematic shaping. There are formal products and two editions so far, with nearly 20,000 users all over the world. Our center has implemented open subject plans for 9 times, and supported more than 160 open subject study. We have undertaken multiple brainstorm projects: National key projects, "973" projects, Climbing Plans, "863" projects, National Natural Science Foundation projects and other projects at provincial and ministerial levels. We have made a large amount of important research achievements, and gained the 2nd Prize of Progress in National Science and Technology, the 1st Prize of Ministry of Education's scientific and technological progress, the Special Award for scientific and technological progress of Electronic Ministry, and many other various rewards. In the last four years, we have published more than 200 papers altogether, and 7 important international conference invited report.

To promote international communion, in the past five years our center has invited famous domestic and international scholars to give academic lectures. We've also sponsored several international academic conferences, sent more than 70 persons abroad to present lectures and attend international academic conferences successively.

One of our key objectives in team-building is to improve scientific research of the younger generation. Our center supports young scholars to develop domestic as well as international academic communications, and expands their opportunity of contact within academia to keep abreast with the cutting-edge research directions. At present, there are young researchers engaged in independently academic work in every research field of our center and lab, who have the potential to become the academic leaders in the near future.


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