The Department of Intelligence Science was once the Center for Information Science, which was a teaching and research institute co-established in 1985 by ten departments and institutes of Peking University, including the Departments of Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics, Psychology and the Institute of Remote Sensing. In the year of 2002, Center for Information Science, together with the Department of Electronic, the Department of Computer Science and the Institute of Microelectronics constituted the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science of Peking University. It is the first department of Intelligence Science in all the universities in China. Right to now, it is authorized to grant degrees of master, Ph.D. and post doctor, and it is applying actively for opening the undergraduate courses of Intelligence Science and Technology. According to the planning, it is entitled to start enrolling undergraduate students of Intelligence Science and Technology major in the year of 2004.

At present, the Department of Intelligence Science has a faculty including 10 professors who are all doctoral mentors (including one Academician and one Changjiang River Scholar), and 8 associate professors. There have been 10 post doctors graduated from the department. Another 200 masters and doctors have been granted their degrees. There are 127 students studying in the department in the academic year of 2003, 106 of them are graduate students and the rest 21 are doctoral students.

The teaching work of the Department of Intelligence Science is specialized in multidisciplinary study. It has three laboratories, namely the lab of the Vision Information Processing, the lab of the Auditory Information Processing and the lab of the Intelligence and Multimedia Information System. Over 20 courses for graduate students have been opened and nearly 20 courses for undergraduate students will be launching.


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