Technical Supporting Group - Objective of Work and Service:

The computer and equipment room is the core laboratory of the National Laboratory on Machine Perception. All the large equipments and shared workstations are installed in the computer and equipment room. The list of these equipments includes UNIX and NT servers, workstations for image and voice processing, equipments for tri-dimensional visual data collecting and processing.

The Laboratory is well equipped to support the research projects in the specified areas. Currently, there are various servers - including email and proxy servers - a number of PCs and other equipment. The Laboratory has a LAN connecting all the workstations and PCs, which is also routed to the Internet through a 1Gb/s optical fiber connection.

Staff's duties.

CUI Li Nong
In charge of the computer room general administration, including the entire equipment acquisition, installation and hardware maintenance.
Management of UNIX servers and network application servers, including archives of reference books of the equipments and their specific software.
Maria-Manuela DUMITRESCU
Management of LAN, the web and the email servers; maintenance of the web pages.
LI Biao
Management of UNIX servers' systems and hardware maintenance; main web page administrator
Management of UNIX servers' systems and hardware maintenance; administrates the inventory for fixed assets.
FAN Jing Tao
Management of UNIX servers' systems and hardware maintenance, including the air conditioners and UPS power supply.


Person in charge: CUI Li Nong

Telehone: 62759368

Location: Peking University, Li Ke Lou No.2, Room 2220

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